Saturday, 19 February 2011

Save money!

Instead of buying one packet of chips from a vending machine or store, buy bulk from a super market or online.
This saves a lot of money!

When going to a venue(sporting game etc.) bring food and drinks as usually the price will be ridiculously high.

Change your own cars oil. This doesn't take long and there are a variety of guides and videos online on how to do it.

When purchasing an item, think whether or not it will still be useful in 3 years. This stop you from buying stuff like the shake weight etc.

When needing battery's it is always cheaper to buy a bigger battery and hack them like this!


  1. Wow, these tips seem like they would help in the long run!

  2. I really need to save more money.
    Thanks for these tips and keep them coming.

  3. Thanks for the tips, money saving is always a good idea!

  4. Huh, I never knew you could do that to batteries.. Great post!

  5. great tips
    also about buying an item always think overnight on it too, not always buy it on impulse :)

  6. i dislike buying chips in bulk, usually gets all broken up into little pieces when i reach into the 2nd half of the bag

  7. My mind was blown by the battery hack. And yeah, I change my own oil, it costs about half what it would cost to get someone else to do it. MONEY HOLE!